Lean manufacturing employs RFID technologies to its advantage

September 14, 2011

Due to certain systemic issues that have affected the whole of the U.S. manufacturing industry, the value of lean manufacturing has never been more apparent to businesses that are striving to weather the economic slowdown. More and more companies are implementing lean manufacturing and are profiting from the elimination of waste that it entails, allowing businesses to balance their efforts between reducing costs and increasing top-line growth.

According to Plant Automation, one of the major processes benefiting businesses that are using lean manufacturing is radio frequency identification (RFID). This method of wireless communication allows for a business’s assets or products to be tracked through the means of special tags that respond when properly scanned.

RFID is incredibly useful in keeping a detailed inventory of parts and materials and monitoring labor output, and maintaining the security of sensitive items or data. These functions help a company’s operation, as whole, become more expedient and efficient. In the long run, this improvement will of course benefit the business and its growing number of employees in a wide and sweeping fashion.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that approximately 14,000 jobs have been added per month in the U.S. manufacturing industry for the last four months.

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