Developing a Strategic Plan for Growth

This unique learning program is designed specifically for small business leaders seeking to protect their personal wealth or grow their enterprise. This small business certification program will run for 6 months.  Each program includes 12 convenient evening courses.  Each of the 12 courses run from 5:30 – 8:30 pm, and includes dinner.

Learn what past participants of this program had to say.

“As a successful small business owner, I ran my business based on my vision, so I never developed a Strategic Plan.
The 12 week program ended with the completion of our first Strategic Plan. My two Vice President’s also attended and collaborated on the plan, now we are aligned and I have their commitment. This invaluable tool serves as the roadmap to achieve our goals.
The program was also attended by like-minded peers that provided great feedback to our plan, and a new business network. We also had many guest speakers, other business leaders like myself that shared their experience growing their business.
Bottom line, this was a terrific program!”

Nick Calio, President – Rebling Plastics

“DVIRC’s Small Business “Planning for Growth” Program helped us create a Strategic Plan that provided the fresh impetus for Tescor to grow. Our plan will give us a kick start to proactively focus on our growth opportunities and develop new revenue streams.
This program was a great value! I encourage any small business owner to attend; include your key managers to reap the full benefits this program has to offer.
I would highly recommend this program offered by DVIRC to any small business owner seeking to grow – it’s a great value!”

Jacque Boudin, President – Tescor, Inc.

“As the President of ASI, and an Engineer, I was introduced to various business topics that are not in my background, but necessary for me to run a successful company.
The Small Business “Planning for Growth” Program is a powerful support to any business leader seeking to expand and grow…. I would highly recommend this program.
As an added benefit, the completed Strategic Plan would be a valuable support document to obtain financing from any bank.
The peer contacts in the program are extremely helpful, you get immediate feedback related to the challenges and opportunities of running a small business.”

John Cross, President – ASI Technologies

Program Benefits
As a member of the class you will reap the following benefits:

  • Walk away with a Strategic Actionable Plan that has been developed with and vetted by several business expert / instructors
  • A structured course covering key business areas, combined with one-on-one assistance to meet individual needs
  • Pragmatic “hands-on” applied learning in a comfortable learning environment
  • Interact with your peers and a wide variety of subject matter experts, guest speakers, panelists and coaches
  • Introductions to a wealth of resources and economic development organizations for ongoing support

Program Features

  • Improve your understanding of planning, financing and positioning your business.
  • Identify and take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Understand where your business is now and what the future can hold.
  • A cost effective structured approach for growth.
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create a roadmap to achieve your goals.
  • Work with your peers and gain from the experience of your classmates and experts.
  • Learn how to build a winning team and become a better leader.


Session 1 – Unit 1: Deciding to Grow
Program and Participant Introductions, Intro to Strategic Growth Plans

Session 2 – Unit 1: Deciding to Grow
Stories of Growth by Experienced Business Owners, Exit Strategies

Session 3 - Unit 2: Evaluating Growth Opportunities
Business Valuation, Exploring Growth Opportunities

Session 4 – Unit 2: Evaluating Growth Opportunities
Competitive Analysis, Voice of the Customer, Market Research

Session 5 - Unit 3: Growth Mechanics
Interpreting Financial Statements

Session 6 - Unit 3: Growth Mechanics
Marketing Strategy/Pricing

Session 7 – Unit 3: Growth Mechanics
Marketing, Sales, Lead Generation

Session 8 - Unit 3: Growth Mechanics
Operations and Profit Margins

Session 9 - Unit 4: Leadership and Building a Winning Team
Organizational Culture, Building the Team

Session 10 - Unit 4:  Leadership and Building a Winning Team
Hiring, Retaining, Motivating the Team

Session 11 - Unit 4: Leadership and Personal Growth
Becoming a Better Leader

Session 12 - Unit 5: Strategic Growth Plans
Growth Plan Presentations

Time: Each of the 12 courses run from 5:30 – 8:30 pm, and includes dinner

Cost: $1995.00
Management teams are encouraged to participate together!  Call 215-552-3827 for team discounts.  

To learn more about this business growth learning opportunity, call Keith Ashlock at 215-552-3827 or send email to