Introducing DVIRC’s Business Process Assessment.

April 20, 2016

Philadelphia, PA- April 20, 2016 – The DVIRC today announced the addition of a full business process assessment to its consulting services division. The DVIRC business process assessment includes a thorough business process analysis that allows manufacturing businesses to identify ways to improve current business processes and maximize their current technology investments.

The addition of the business process assessment services while expanding DVIRC’s current consulting service offering, is also in line with the organization’s vision to provide results-driven, top line growth and operational improvement services.

“Companies are continually searching for competitive advantage from their ERP software. Solutions that maximize employee productivity and best connect you to your suppliers and customers provide significant business value. The DVIRC’s business process assessment can help growing manufacturing businesses know how well their software supports their planned business processes.” Said Harry Landsburg, Director of Business Process Technology Consulting at the DVIRC.

“DVIRC is ERP solution independent – allowing us to provide unbiased manufacturing process reviews. We have 24 years’ experience with over 300 companies matching ERP solutions to a company’s strategy, marketing, continuous improvement, production, engineering, and quality activities. This expertise allows us to assist all manufacturing businesses of all sizes with improving their business processes and ultimately bottom-line results.”

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Click here to learn more about the business process assessment or contact Harry Landsburg at Harry Landsburg at 215.464.8850 or email:

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