International push for energy efficient buildings continues

October 24, 2011

The worldwide push for energy efficient buildings continues to produce results, as green and sustainable structures around the world are beginning to rise.

The U.S. has enacted a national initiative in order to keep up with the rest of the world, as the Department of Energy (DOE) has chosen a site for the design and development of energy efficient building technology.

Known as the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster for Energy-Efficient Buildings project (GPIC), the DOE's efforts are located at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

The U.S. developed this site to help it become a leader in energy efficient building technology. Countries around the world are using green structures as a way to boost sustainable development.

Poland recently saw the construction of its first commercial structure that was certified according to the standards that were set by the EU Greenbuilding program, according to The Guardian.

The news source reported that Atrium City, a structure that is inspired by Scandanavian architecture, is an energy efficient class A office building located in central Warsaw. The property was designated as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

According to The Guardian, the property contains a variety of tenants that range from a professional services company to a restaurant and cafe located on the main floor.

India also wants to keep pace with the rest of the developed world, as the Asian nation could begin to incentivize the use of energy efficient buildings in the country, according to Two Circles.

New Delhi Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna said that the government might consider the use of incentives for green buildings in an effort to get companies to use energy efficient technology, products and structures in the future, the news source reported.

"The suggestion on extra FAR (Floor Area Ratio) for Green Buildings is timely as the mid-term review of the 2021 Delhi Master plan is currently under way, and we shall certainly consider it," Khanna said at the Green Building Congress 2011, an event organized by the Indian Green Building Council.

Khanna focused his talk on the potential for companies and the long-term benefits of using energy efficient technology. He also noted that retrofitting older structures could help the nation move forward, according to Two Circles.