Innovation is Happening All the Time

August 19, 2015

Manufacturers are well aware of the technological innovation that’s happening all the time, and small manufacturers in particular know that to stay competitive they have to figure out how to harness those technologies to support their business growth.

We also know that smaller companies often don’t have the time or expertise to evaluate specific technologies that might support new product development, product enhancements, or process innovations.  And they might not have the wherewithal to quickly identify new market opportunities for the innovations brought on by their adoption of new technology.

To help small and mid-sized manufacturers navigate this often complex ocean of possibilities, we have developed a Technology Services practice that brings to the market knowledge, experience, expertise, and a slate of resources that can help you get your “sea legs.”  Among these resources are:

  • John LaFemina, Ph.D., Director of Technology Services.  John has a BS in Physics and a Doctorate in Solid State Physics, he is an experienced leader in corporate R&D, and former president of 500-employee advanced manufacturing company.
  • Technology Scouting.  If you’re trying to solve a problem and you know a technology solution must be out there somewhere, but your company doesn’t have the skills and/or resources to find that solution, Tech Scouting might be the right approach.  This is for those who need something but need help finding it. Tech Scouting lets companies identify, understand, and select the best external technology to improve processes or develop new products; TDMI enables them to find new market opportunities, characterize them, and select those with the most promise.
  • Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI). If you’re considering launching a new product or entering a new market and wish you had better “real-world validated” insights into the specific technical and market opportunities and barriers, TDMI is the right approach. TDMI is for those who have something…but are looking for where and where else to sell it.  Clients come away with actionable recommendations and support for implementation.
  • National Labs and Resources—DVIRC is part of the national Manufacturing Extension Partnership network, with “sister” organizations in every state.  In addition, we continue to expand our resource base with new university and federal partnerships, such as those with NASA, NIST, and DoD installations.

Let DVIRC help you analyze some of these challenges and opportunities through an approach that can help you put in place a “technology and innovation discipline” just as you do with other functions of business management.

If your business has struggled to overcome a specific technical challenge, or to find a home for an innovation that you think may have applications outside your usual industries, consider an exploratory discussion with John and the DVIRC Tech Scouting/TDMI team.  Contact us today at 215-464-8550 to get started!


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