Holiday shoppers pledge to buy American

December 19, 2011

A mission by one individual has led to the formation of a movement by American consumers to only buy products that were manufactured in the U.S., according to CNN.

Alexia Cameron created a website that is devoted to providing holiday shoppers with a list of designers and companies who manufacture within the U.S. She began this project as a way to support businesses that use American labor and help the domestic economy by not shipping jobs overseas, the news source reported.

"What it's done for me is targeted where I shop," she told CNN in an interview. "Because I was making this personal effort to buy made in America, I wanted the money I'm spending on Christmas to go back to the American economy while I share with my friends and family brands I've come to know and love."

According to the news source, her effort makes her part of a passionate group of consumers who are pledging this year to only buy products that were manufactured in America. This type of mentality is shared by many individuals in the U.S., and her website provides a place where they can see what their options are before making a purchase.

A 2010 Adweek Media/Harris Poll found that 3 in 5 Americans (61%) said they were more likely to purchase a product advertised as "Made in America," CNN reported.

The movement is also supported by American companies that choose to manufacture their goods within the country. Don Rongione, the president of the oldest hat maker in the U.S., the Adamstown, Pennsylvania-based Bollman Hat Co., told the news source that there are advantages to keeping operations within domestic borders.

Rongione noted that along with building a sense of pride in American products, keeping manufacturing in the U.S. helps a company monitor its inventory better and allows it to respond more quickly to the demands of the marketplace.

American manufacturing has been able to weather the worst of the economic crisis in several areas of the country, including Pennsylvania. One-fourth of the manufacturing firms in the region reported increases in activity in a recently release index from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, according to The Associated Press.

Bloomberg reported that this data also showed that 22 percent of manufacturing firms in the area had noted an increase in prices for the goods that they produced.