Greening buildings with the help of social media applications

August 22, 2012

The increased level of attention being placed on building efficiency has led many companies to adopt retrofit and renovation projects to bring their facility up to the industry norm, and now with a growing role of social media in the sector, more organizations may begin to make the changes.

According to an article from the Environmental Defense Fund, there are now sites like that track data from structures in order to provide people with a chance to reference the effectiveness of certain projects.

The founder of Honest Building, Riggs Kubiak, noted that the real estate market is primed for the convergence of data and community. This combination will help building owners adopt only the best possible changes to structures, as there will be more transparency for stakeholders.

Energy efficient buildings will become more popular because of sites like his, Kubiak noted, due to the fact that there will now be a consumer framework that is open to owners who are looking to retrofit their structures.

"Greater transparency about building performance increases the demand for energy efficiency as tenants can make better, informed decisions about where they lease," Kubiak told the news outlet. "This accelerates the adoption of all sorts of best practices by building owners and managers in order to command the best leasing rates."

The benefits do not stop there, however, as the companies that are hired to help with the installation and adoption of certain products and technologies will be held accountable by the easily accessible reviews that they are given.

"From energy efficiency to leasing to design to management, buildings will have to get better, faster. This also gives the best building service providers and vendors the opportunity to scale faster, as the services and technologies with the best track record can leverage a network effect to capture more and more business," noted Kubiak.

This type of innovative approach to energy efficient buildings is paramount to the creation of a more sustainable commercial real estate market.

This is why efforts like the Department of Energy-sponsored Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) have been launched, as these programs help companies see all of the benefits associated with greening their structures.

The EEB Hub is looking to use the building stock of Philadelphia to serve as a model for the national commercial real estate market, as the gains made by these building owners will be used as evidence to support a nationwide change.