Green building projects may be key to putting America back to work

September 7, 2011

In a time when unemployment numbers are at historic levels and America is in need of an industry to pull the country out of the recession, green construction and energy efficient building are sectors that could emerge as leaders, according to American Progress.

Energy efficient buildings not only decrease the electricity costs for companies in the long run, they also need workers to implement the technology. This could lead to hirings that would bring many Americans back into the workforce, reported the news source.

If 40 percent of the nation's residential and commercial building stock were retrofitted with energy efficiency systems then there could be a creation of more than 500,000 sustained full-time jobs over a decade, along with as much as $64 billion per year in cost savings for energy, American Progress reported.

Energy efficient buildings would also reduce waste and help the environment, something that could be achieved without having to cut significant amounts of resources from other areas, according to the news source.

Projects like the new energy efficient building program, Project Frog, have already recieved more than $20 million in funding, as the investors noted the long-term potential for earning capital and saving the environment, reported Gigaom.