GPIC involved in several energy efficiency events in Philadelphia

March 26, 2012

The green movement in the U.S. has gained momentum across a variety sectors in the past few years, and increased investment and interest in these industries has led to progress in reducing the country's carbon footprint.

Certain efforts have made significant progress, and have helped push their respective sector further along through innovative research methods and an influx of capital from both the government and private sector.

One of these efforts, the U.S. Department of Energy-designated innovation HUB – the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster for Energy Efficient Buildings (GPIC) – has been active within the commercial real estate sector and recently held several events to promote green and sustainable practices in the market.

The GPIC is looking to promote the use of energy efficient buildings in the commercial sector, and influence companies and building owners to look at retrofitting their structures to both increase efficiency and lower costs.

According to the organization's website, the GPIC recently hosted utility commissioners from the Mid-Atlantic region, along with other relevant stakeholders, to discuss the mission of the GPIC and the importance of its efforts to promote energy efficiency in buildings.

The event was held on March 22, at one of the GPIC's buildings at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The organization held the event as a way to raise awareness, as it noted that "understanding building energy use is a critical first step for engaging building owners in energy efficiency and retrofit strategies."

According to the GPIC website, this event helped to showcase the vital role that regulators and utilities can play on the policy environment. This could increase the market potential for retrofits, as the public knowledge of energy use in buildings would grow.

The innovation HUB also recently played host to several members of Congress and regional business executives for a roundtable and tour of the GPIC facilities. Held on March 19, the event allowed U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) to share information on her bi-partisan "Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act."

She was joined by several members of the House of Representatives in helping to create strategies that would lead to greater investment in the green buildings sectors, as well as identifying the obstacles that had to be overcome, according to the GPIC website.