From Working IN the Business to Working ON the Business

January 9, 2019
Metal Edge International

Metal Edge International is a leader in the design and manufacture of value-added products for the global packaging industry. The organization’s cutting-edge products provide safe, low-cost, high value-added dispensing solutions for consumer and institutional cling film, aluminum foil, and parchment paper markets around the world. Metal Edge box products, offer designers, converters, and product/brand managers access to standard and custom package solutions. Through superior design, engineering, and manufacturing technology, Metal Edge provides customers with innovative custom packaging solutions that create value and improve brands. The company, headquartered in North Wales, PA, has customers in 35 countries located in six continents.


In 2017, Metal Edge found itself in a transitional state. The company was facing cultural and leadership issues, the physical space and systems were aging, and leaders saw opportunities for significant new business, noting that a single new client could result in 18% growth. The management team sought ways to increase capacity, improve workflow, resolve constraints, improve morale, and generate employee interest.


The company recognized the need for support to challenging business objectives, and worked with experts at DVIRC to conduct a Growth Readiness & Capacity Building Assessment, a process designed by DVIRC to identify and address issues holding the business back. The focus was to understand the management’s vision and determine how prepared the organization truly was to execute and achieve the company’s objectives. The Assessment also helped identify any barriers to assure longer-term sustainability of the company, the people, leadership, and execution of the continuous improvement strategy.

DVIRC content experts also worked with Metal Edge to facilitate the DVIRC’s unique Winning Teams™ program, a customizable “train and do” approach that enhances an organization’s team-based problem solving skills. The program combines the technical tools of lean management with the soft skills of leadership, coaching, and organizational development to achieve sustainable process improvements and enable employees to make substantial contributions. The management team also undertook efforts to complete an office renovation, repurpose the warehouse to add space, and adjust select critical manufacturing processes to increase throughput.

“The DVIRC Growth Readiness & Capacity Building Assessment proved to be a home-run for Metal Edge. Commencing with a soul-searching, candid assessment of our company’s objectives (which resulted in a dramatic change in management thinking) and through its team-oriented training and implementation program, the DVIRC consultants repositioned Metal Edge onto a path of prosperity and success. I would recommend the DVIRC program for any organization that is serious about achieving operational and/or strategic benefits.” – Jonathan Frank, President, Metal Edge / Carton Edge International


Metal Edge is now a dramatically different organization from what it was prior to working with DVIRC, as evidenced by:

  • Dramatic transformation of the office and plant facility
  • Measurable operational improvements. In one strategically-important work center operation alone, the Assessment program enabled Metal Edge to improve production throughput by over 60%.
  • New management processes
  • Major cultural changes benefiting employee morale and yielding organizational efficiencies.

The company has since embarked on another DVIRC Lean/Continuous Improvement program with the goal of increasing volume and revenues by 20% without adding to its physical, labor, or capital resources.

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