Executive Interview Series

More small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses in the Delaware Valley trust DVIRC than any other professional services group.

For 25 years, DVIRC has delivered the absolute best in training, operational excellence and business growth services. Our results have equated to well over 1 Billion Dollars in valued-added impact and countless satisfied clients.

The following interview is the first in a series of business owner profiles that showcase how small businesses like yours have begun transforming themselves. For most the struggle is figuring out where they want to go. All are committed to increasing the value of their business. As you read, remember, it takes just one step to start a new journey.

DVIRC will remain a strong component in our growth planning.”

Tom Krol
IMET Corporation

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We have clearly benefited from our alignment with DVIRC.”

Kip Anthony
EFE Labs

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