Examining the role of specific technologies in the energy efficient buildings sector

September 17, 2012

There are many specific industries within the green building sector that each play a significant role in the creation of a more sustainable commercial and residential real estate market.

Technology used in green buildings is often split up between the different components of a structure, such as windows, lighting, heating, cooling, air filtration and the specific materials that are made to construct the physical frame of the property.

Energy efficient buildings are often reliant on many parts working together to lower the overall expenditure and use of a structure, but there are specific innovations that help certain components become more sustainable than others as technology progresses.

According to Engineering News, the Star Interbuild Africa expo was recently held alongside Glass Expo Africa, EcoAfribuild, Plumbdrain Africa, Frigair, Woodpro Africa and Current Africa, and showcased the latest energy efficient building solutions.

These expositions were designed to showcase the latest advances made in the industry, as well as providing a chance for collaboration between the many different sectors. Alternative building technologies were explained and the benefits of these products were demonstrated by the respective companies.

According to the news outlet, while there were numerous products that were displayed at the various expositions, there was also an increased focus placed on the design and orientation of building projects.

When buildings are positioned in a certain way, in regard to the sun, there is often a natural benefit, in terms of sunlight and the flow of air through a structure.

According to Engineering News, other components that should be taken into consideration during building projects includes shading, positioning of windows, choice of materials and how much insulation is used on the given structure.

Other global efforts, like those in the EU and U.S., have examined the specific role that technologies play in the expediting of certain green building advances.

According to Glass on Web, there has been an increased emphasis placed on the use of green window and glass products, as these specific components of a building are some of the easiest parts to upgrade.

The Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) in the U.S. has tried to provide an economic incentive for companies and building owners to make a switch to these technologies, as it has made similar renovations to commercial properties in Philadelphia in order to act as a national model for the sector.