Sandler Sales Boot Camp

April 02, 2015
8:30am - 5:00pm
2905 Southampton Road Philadelphia, PA (map)
$475.00 1 person
$450 2nd person, $425 each additional person
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DVIRC is committed to bringing businesses like yours best practices, for Business Growth.  Sandler Sales Training Boot Camp is the latest offering in our ongoing commitment.

Don’t miss this brand new session that will lay out the steps you need to take to get more opportunities with new prospects and close more deals. This is a terrific course for you and your team – discounts are available for more than one attendee.

Days Schedule

Kickoff – During the kickoff we will set the stage for the day. We will start with an icebreaker exercise to help participants experience why it is important to have a sales process. We will deliver the Wimp Jct. talk which will take participants through the Prospects Selling System, the Traditional Sales Approach, and the Sandler Sales Process.

Breaking Through your Comfort Zone  – Participants will learn about the concept of a “comfort zone” and they will discover what they are doing to sabotage their own success in developing more business. We will discuss the negative consequences of becoming too comfortable and share strategies to help your people become comfortable utilizing new tactics and strategies.   Participants will learn how to avoid the “insanity trap”, assume a winning I-10 identity, and learn how to handle rejection.

Creating a Prospecting Plan – Learn how to create a prospecting plan that includes a schedule of activities and an estimated budget. Uncover who your prospects are, where your prospects reside, and how to get in front of them.

Introduction to Bonding & Rapport – Discover the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & create instant rapport with your prospects. Learn techniques to make your prospects more comfortable with you and tactics to help you develop stronger long term relationships.

Developing & Using Your Up-Front Contract – Learn how the UFC puts you in control of the business development process. Set and manage expectations with your brokers and end each conversation with clear next steps. This will allow you to take more control of the relationship and help you more effectively manage your time.

Uncover PAIN – Close More Business – Pain is the reason that you will win or lose business. Learn how to uncover your prospect’s real PAIN. Take them down the “Pain Funnel” and uncover pains even they didn’t know they had.   They will practice taking prospects down the “pain funnel” and learn how to better prepare for appointments. This module will give participants an opportunity to role-play various situations and apply the theory to “real world matters”.

Identifying The Prospect’s Budget and Decision Making Process – After determining if you have uncovered enough pain, nail down the prospect’s decision- making process and budget early in the sales process. Avoid giving proposals/presentations and wasting time with prospects that don’t qualify. Avoid giving proposals/presentations & wasting time with prospects who don’t qualify.

Closing the Sale – Fulfillment/Post Sell – Once you have qualified your sales opportunity, learn how to use the information that you’ve uncovered to give a presentation that your prospect will believe is tailored to their needs and to get a decision once you’ve delivered your presentation or quote. Learn the thermometer close so you know where you stand at the end of the conversation, how and when to make a presentation/proposal, close the business, and make it stick.   Discover new techniques that will minimize your prospects “thinking it over” or backing out after you think you’ve closed the deal.

Instructor Biographies:

Chuck Polin
Evan Polin