Sales and Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

April 24, 2014

8:30 am - 10:30 am

Bucks County CareerLink
1260 Veterans Highway
Bristol, PA (map)

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Join DVIRC for this Sales and Marketing breakfast session.

What information will be presented?

  • We will present a series of proven tips and tricks for:
  • Creating a meaningful sales pitch
  • Building a successful sales & marketing campaign
  • Creating a powerful prospect database for sales leads
  • Selling on value not price
  • Defining which markets offer the best potential for profitable growth
  • Building a reliable system for lead generation
  • Basic lead generating resources on the web
  • Capturing and managing to the Key Performance Indicators for growth

Who should attend?

  • If you are a business leader tired of word of mouth growth opportunities and would like to get serious about building your backlog, this session is for you.
  • If you have never understood how to make marketing work in your business, you should attend.
  • If you are new to or slightly uncomfortable with the whole world of prospecting and selling, don’t miss this event.
  • If you are curious about a methodology that has helped over 200 manufacturing businesses generate qualified sales leads and grow their topline, sign up today.

Why should someone attend this presentation?

  • Topline Growth should be a priority for any business, especially yours!
  • This event will educate participants on a process driven approach towards generating new sales leads and stimulating profitable growth.
  • Some of the materials presented could be put to work in an effort to grow your business by the afternoon.

What new information will they learn?

  • How to look at and define target markets that offer profitable growth.
  • Key elements to use in developing your value proposition.
  • How to organize and schedule a sales and marketing campaigns.
  • The key performance indicators are most important to help manage growth.
  • What to expect as a company begins to actively prospect for new customers.