Management Development Certification

Sep 12, 2018 - Jan 23, 2019
10:00am - 2:30pm
2905 Southampton Road Philadelphia, PA (map)
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Every supervisor has untapped potential. Realizing and optimizing that potential is the challenge. The DVIRC Certification for Supervisors, First Level Managers, Team Leaders, and Group Leaders provides many of the tools needed to handle increasingly complex performance issues present in today’s organizations. With an emphasis on the leader’s role in creating accountability and sustaining standard work, this process reinforces leadership skills needed for an environment where continuous improvement is ongoing. Our hands-on learning process is designed to deliver quick results and is enhanced by open discussion of real-world problems and complex personnel issues common to many manufacturers. Responsiveness to customers is a key competitive advantage for companies in today’s market. The Leadership Team is an essential link between customer’s needs and the end product. To create a high-performance environment, the ability to use collaborative skills is essential. The Management Development Certification provides skill enhancing practice in a collaborative, problem solving approach.


  • Motivate your workforce to higher levels of performance
  • Reduce costly turnover by building supportive workplace relationships
  • Alleviate disputes with conflict resolution tactics that foster willing cooperation
  • Solve problems more effectively and minimize costly mistakes
  • Create win/win solutions
  • Build a winning team
  • Give employees helpful feedback
  • Utilize effective techniques to coach for effective performance
  • Perfect timing for a variety of shift schedules

9 Half-Day Sessions 

  1. Moving to Management – 9/12/18
  2. Managing Change – 9/26/18
  3. Goal Setting – 10/10/18
  4. Feedback for Employee Engagement – 10/24/18
  5. Accountability – 11/7/18
  6. Conflict and Handling Performance Problems – 11/28/18
  7. Holding Effective Meetings – 12/12/18
  8. Conducting Effective (and Legal) Interviews – 1/9/18
  9. Capstone Presentations – 1/23/19