Level One Lean Certification

Mar 1, 2019 - Jun 7, 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm
2905 Southampton Road Philadelphia, PA (map)
Discounts for groups of 4 and over call for details
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Upskill Your Workforce & Improve Your Bottom Line

It’s never too late to start or refresh your Lean journey – the key to sustained operational efficiency and real employee engagement and retention!

Students learn how to uncover improvement opportunities within their organization and capitalize on them to create real value through reduced costs, increased cash flow, and improved customer satisfaction.

Every student learns and applies concepts to an actual project at their company – yielding a minimum of $50,000 in cost savings!

March 1 – June 7, 2019, 8:30am – 4:30pm, DVIRC


Examples of Student Project ROI:

  • Projected cost savings of $1.7 million – Transportation Equipment Manufacturer, Kulpsville, PA
  • Projected savings of 7,600 hours over the next two years – Transportation Equipment Manufacturer, Kulpsville, PA
  • Increased revenue by $100,380 per year – Fabricated Metal Manufacturer, Collegeville, PA
  • Reduced touches/trips and process time by 50% – Transportation Equipment Manufacturer, Swedesboro, NJ
  • Projected savings of $50,000 per month – Fabricated Metal Manufacturer, West Chester, PA

Every project is expected to yield a minimum of $50,000 in cost savings!

Level One Lean Certification is a comprehensive series of workshops that introduces lean principles. Students learn to distinguish value-added from non-value added activities to eliminate costly waste. As a great starting point for an individual’s and company’s Continuous Improvement journey, the Level One Certification is a pragmatic, “hit the ground running” hands-on approach that applies acquired workshop knowledge to the workplace. Upon completion, each candidate will learn how to “discover” improvement opportunities within an organization and how to capitalize on them in a team based format to create real value through reduced costs, increased cash flow, and improved customer satisfaction.

Upon completion of the level one certification the graduate will be able to:

  • Understand how to recognize and eliminate waste through the cycle of PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT
  • Know how to determine value added, non-valued-added, and necessary non-value-added activities
  • Identify the value stream, how it’s mapped, and how to identify the areas that require improvement
  • Develop a road map and an implementation plan
  • Understanding and apply lean tools such as value stream mapping, workplace organization, change management, teaming and kaizen methodology
  • Turn data into actionable information in order to quantify problems and prioritize countermeasures
  • Understand “KATA” methodology and how to use a structured approach to coaching that drives continuous improvement thinking and acting down to the contributor level

Benefits of the Level One Lean Certification:

  • Participants apply learning to an actual Continuous Improvement project at their facility
    • Each student will develop components of an A3 including:
      • Developing a Problem Statement
      • Defining Current Condition
      • Setting a Target Condition
      • Applying Root Cause Analysis
    • “Learning to see” – participants will be able to identify and “see” the non-value added activities (waste) at their companies, and help with developing solutions to minimize or eliminate those non-value add activities
  • Build essential skills related to job instructions, job relations and job methods
  • Work with a Learning Partner for Continuous Improvement
  • Participate in a Plant Tour to see the application of Lean best practices
  • Network and learn from peers

Workshops included in the Level One Lean Certification:

Session 1 – A3 Thinking & VSM

03/01/2019 – 08:30am-04:30pm

During this workshop you will learn to follow a product’s production path and draw a visual representation of both the material and information flows. You will also learn the steps of effectively implementing the P-D-C-A cycle and see how Lean manufacturing reduces costs and increases profits. This fun & interactive session will provide hands on experience increasing on-time shipments, setting up visual controls, working in cells and reducing floor space.

Session 2 – Effective Communication & Kata Principles

03/15/2019 – 08:30am-04:30pm

Learn how to effectively communicate and the reasons why communication is a key component of the Lean journey. Take a DISC survey and learn how to communicate with each personality type effectively. Kata is a method of developing learners (problem solvers at all levels) who can use the improvement Kata through the coaching Kata. Learn the basics of Kata and receive the tools to begin implementation in your operation.

Session 3 – Root Cause Analysis & TWI

03/29/2019 – 08:30am-04:30pm

Attendees will learn to use Root Cause Analysis & 5 Whys to dig beyond typical initial answers to get to the true causes and find solutions to problems. Instruction on Training within Industry “TWI” will provide essential skills for supervisors and team leaders to be more effective through, JM – Job Methods, JI-Job Instruction, and JR- Job Relations. TWI was used during WWII to help quickly train the millions of people that flooded into the industrial work force for the first time. 

Session 4 – Change Management & Visual Management

04/12/19 – 08:30am-04:30pm

This session will help participants understand the change process, discover how team members respond to change, and recognize the needs of team members during the change process. This hands-on workshop will also include a simulation that allows all participants to learn and apply the 5S system.

Session 5 – Graphical Analysis and Project Coaching & Feedback

04/26/19 – 08:30am-04:30pm

The morning workshop focuses on how to use data to identify problems and determine root cause.

Problem solving tools such as Pareto Charts, Scatter Diagrams, and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) will be reviewed and examples on how to use them will be presented.

In the afternoon session you will receive coaching from your instructor, feedback from your colleagues and receive guidance on the steps necessary for you to complete your project.

Session 6 – Teaming & SMED

05/10/2019 – 08:30am-04:30pm

In the morning session participants of this workshop will learn the dynamics of how to effectively work in a team environment and learn the different personality styles of team members. Includes a Parker Team survey for all participants to understand their preferred teaming style. In the afternoon participants will practice their newly acquired team building skills by participating in a SMED activity that will help them understand how to reduce changeover times and be more productive.

Session 7 -Capstone Lean 101

05/23/2019 – 08:30am-04:30pm

In this class participants will experience the cumulative learning of the entire certification program. They will have the opportunity to see first -hand how their newly acquired skills can be applied to help transform their organization. By participating in an interactive simulation, participants will see how waste is eliminated, productivity is increased, and companies can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, while reducing costs and improving cash flow. This fun & interactive session will provide hands on experience increasing on-time shipments, setting up visual controls, working in cells and reducing floor space.

Session 8 – Plant Tour & Presentations

06/07/2019– Plant Tour – 08:30am-12:00pm     Presentations – 12:30pm-04:00pm

In the morning, you will attend a Plant Tour and in the afternoon you will present the results of your Lean project.

Plant Tour (Location TBD)

You will have an opportunity to tour a manufacturing plant that has successfully implemented a CI/Lean strategy. During the tour you will identify best practices as well as continuous improvement opportunities.

“Lean One Certification really gave us the starting point and learning tools we needed. We were able to use the classes in parallel with our improvement efforts, and we continue to use the concepts to improve operations.” – Kevin McConlogue, Senior Director of Operations, Community Professional Loudspeakers

“Though the project, we gained an hour back of production time, which will help us reach our company goal of being 1 day ahead.” – Erik Zelenis, Graphic Artist, Spike’s Trophies

“Implementing standard work that had not existed has eliminated waste, travel, and streamlined the process.”  – Dale Crispin, Support Team Lead, DTNA

Over the past 25+ years, the following partial list of companies have benefitted from Lean Certification:

Acme Corrugated Box Co., Inc.
Acro Display
Advent Design Corporation
Aerzen USA
AGF Manufacturing Inc.
Airline Hydraulics Corporation
Alan McIlvain Company
A-LOK Products, Inc.
AMS Filling Systems
Anholt Technologies, Inc.
Apogee Labs, Inc.
Asher’s Chocolates
ASI Drives
Axial Medical
B&G Manufacturing
Barry Callebaut Group
Baum Precision Machining, Inc.
Bestweld Inc.
Bio-Pharm, Inc.
Boekel Scientific
C&D Technologies, Inc.
Chiral Technologies
Cleveland Steel Container Corporation
CMS Gilbreth Packaging Systems, Inc.
Cobham plc
Community Professional Loudspeakers
Constantia Colmar
Crystal Metalworks, Inc.
Daimler Trucks of North America
Data Display Systems LLC
Devault Foods
Dooley Gasket & Seal Inc.
Double H Plastics
Drake Refrigeration Inc.
DSM Biomedical
Eagle Design Group
Eagle Stainless Container
Eaton Aerospace (formerly Tedeco Industrial Products)
EFE Laboratories Inc.
Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Elko & Associates, Ltd.
Fabric Development Inc.
Fairway Building Products, LLC
FARO Technologies, Inc.
Fibermark, Inc.
Fres-co System USA, Inc.
Greene, Tweed & Co., Inc.
Gulden Ophthalmics
Hardy Machine LLC
Harold Beck and Sons Inc.
Heraeus Yardley
Humphreys Textile Products
ifm efector, inc.
Infiana USA, Inc.
Inframark, LLC
Instech Laboratories, Inc.
International WIN, Ltd.
Ips-Integrated Project Services, Inc.
Jade Corporation
Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey Advanced Glass Technologies
K&S Metal Enclosures, Inc.
Kroll Technologies, LLC
Laboratory Testing Inc.
Lasko Products, Inc.

LCR Embedded Systems, Inc.
League Collegiate Wear, Inc.
Lehigh Valley Dairies
LEM Products
Leonardo Helicopters
LSG Sky Chefs
Macron Dynamics, Inc.
Max Levy Autograph, Inc.
Melior Discovery
Meridian Bank
Merit Medical
Met-Pro Technologies LLC
Micro-Coax, Inc.
Moog Components Group, Inc.
National Penn Bank
National Refrigeration Products
New Way Air Bearings
Nielsen-Kellerman Co.
NMR, Inc.
Northeast Building Products
ONExia Inc
Pac Strapping Products
Packaging Coordinators Inc
Packaging Progressions, Inc. (pacpro)
PDC Machines Inc
Penn Emblem Company
Pennsylvania Machine Works, Inc.
Performance Controls, Inc.
Philadelphia Scientific LLC
Philly Shipyard (formerly Aker Philadelphia Shipyard)
Precision Solutions, Inc.
Precision Tube Company, Inc.
Premier Medical/Premier Dental Products Co
Probes Unlimited, Inc.
PTR Baler and Compactor
Pure Fishing
Purolite Corporation
Refractory Minerals Co. Inc.
Rhoads Industries, Inc.
Robern, Inc.
Schwan’s Global Supply Chain Inc
Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
Secant Medical, Inc.
Selas Heat Technology Company LLC
Sentinel Process Systems, Inc.
Southco, Inc.
Spalding Automotive Inc.
SPD Electrical Systems Inc.
Spectrum Microwave, Inc.
Spike’s Trophies Inc.
Stein Seal Company
Stockwell Elastomerics
Streamlight, Inc.
Sysco Metro New York, LLC
Teledyne Judson Technologies
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA
Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc.
Tiger Optics
Triumph Controls, LLC
Triumph Group
U.S. Axle, Inc.
Union Packaging, LLC
University of Pennsylvania
USSC Group, Inc.
Valtech Corporation
Veyko Inc.
Vogel Carton, LLC