Level One Lean Certification – NE Philadelphia

Mar 10 - Jul 8, 2016
8:30am - 4:30pm
2905 Southampton Road Philadelphia, PA (map)
Discounts for groups of 3 and over call for details
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Level One Lean Certification is a series of workshops, concepts and tools that apply specifically to today’s challenging work environment. The certification is a combination of both technical and social skills needed to implement change. As market forces continue to dictate price and lead time pressures, organizations need to focus their resources to meet these needs. The Level One Certification is the starting point for an individual’s and company’s continuous improvement journey. The certification is a pragmatic, “hit the ground running” hands-on approach that links acquired workshop knowledge to the workplace. Upon completion, each candidate will learn to “discover” improvement opportunities within an organization and learn how to capitalize on these opportunities.

Each participant will be required to perform a “waste walk” within their organization and report their findings and recommendations to remove the identified wastes.

Upon completion of the level one certification the graduate will be able to:

  • Understand how to recognize and eliminate waste through the cycle of PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT
  • Know how to determine value added, non-valued-added, and non-value-added-but-required activities
  • Be able to identify the value stream, how it’s mapped, and how to identify the areas that require improvement
  • Be able to develop a road map and an implementation plan
  • Recognize the fundamental importance of the kaizen process, how it’s used in every aspect of a lean implementation, and how it’s used to change the culture
  • Gain a broad understanding of lean tools such as value stream mapping, workplace organization, change management, teaming and kaizen methodology

Benefits of the Level One Lean Certification:

  • Participants apply learning to an actual Continuous Improvement project at their facility
    • Each student will develop components of an A3 including:
      • Developing a problem statement
      • Current condition
      • Target condition
      • Root Cause Analysis
    • “Learning to see” – participants will be able to identify and “see” the non-value added activities (waste) at their companies, and help with developing solutions to minimize or eliminate those non-value add activities
  • Work with a Learning Partner for Continuous Improvement
  • Participate in a Plant Tour to see the application of Lean best practices
  • Network and learn from peers
  • Participate in a Graduation Dinner / Award Ceremony

Workshops included in the Level One Lean Certification:

  • A3 Thinking and Value Stream Mapping – 3/10/16
  • Principles of Lean Manufacturing – 3/11/16
  • Effective Communication & Kata Principles – 4/1/16
  • Root Cause Analysis and Mind Mapping – 4/22/16
  • Teaming and Standard Work – 5/13/16
  • Managing Change and Workplace Organization (5S) – 6/10/16
  • MUDA Walk Plant Tour Debrief – 6/23/16
  • Changeover Reduction – 7/8/16