February 11, 2014 -
April 9, 2014

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

2905 Southampton Road
Philadelphia, PA (map)

$3,000 per company (includes 3 seats)

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Do you believe your product has international sales potential, but don’t know how to get started?

Have you received international inquiries, but haven’t fully capitalized on them to generate significant sales growth?

Do you currently export, but struggle with expanding into new markets or territories?

Would you like to expand your export sales beyond Canada and/or Mexico?

Would you like to shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to expanding international sales?


ExporTech™ Can Drive international sales growth today!

  • Provides your company with a systematic process for entering or expanding in global markets
  • Connects you with the best international business experts in the region
  • Assists you to develop a peer-reviewed export growth plan in 12 weeks
  • Generates measurable results for committed C-level participants
  • Involves a unique combination of innovative group sessions and individualized coaching

 What are the Benefits of Participating?

Companies that have gone through the ExporTech™ program report significant impacts to their bottom lines:

  • The average participant increases sales by nearly $170,000
  • Many companies generate export sales within 3-6 months of completing the program, and some have negotiated sales before the program’s final session
  • The average participant reported cost savings of $34,000
  • The program saves the average company over 120 hours of labor time by navigating them through the international growth process.

All of these sales increases and cost savings yield an impressive ROI for participating companies. The estimated average gain in operating margin is 10x the typical investment of staff labor time and program fees.

ExporTech™ Sessions

Session I – February 11, 2014
Session II – March 12, 2014
Session III – April 9, 2014

The ExporTech™ system has several hallmarks:

  1. The process assists companies to develop a simple, actionable international growth plan – based on a series of carefully designed tools and templates.
  2. We connect participants with a wide range of reputable international business experts who help them navigate the export process.
  3. The program involves a unique combination of group work, individual work, and personal coaching, that allows companies to extract information that is critical to their export success:
  • During group sessions, experts are selected based on the specific needs of the participants, to educate the entire group and provide one-on-one consultations.
  • Planning exercises and peer discussions are employed to help executives apply knowledge to their own companies.
  • In the final group session, each company’s plan will be reviewed and vetted by a panel of experienced international businesspeople, to help them avoid costly mistakes and see new opportunities.
  • Each company is assigned an experienced coach to provide focused, one-on-one support in the development and execution of their plans.
  • Each 3-Session program is limited to six to eight companies, to ensure quality, personalized service and attention to each company.

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