ERP Goes Lean

March 23, 2015

Over the last 15 years, ERP vendors have listened to their customers’ needs for continuous improvement support on their lean journeys. In the areas of kanban and backflushing, there is significant software support. Calculations of takt time, line balancing, lot size and supermarket quantities may be indirectly supported by information provided by an ERP system.

With regard to the argument that ERP does not belong in a lean factory, ERP vendors are supporting the lean journey more and more, and there are clear roles for ERP capabilities in support of a lean operation. It is important that your vision of lean matches the vendor’s definition to achieve continuous improvement.

ERP can be a tremendous asset in front end processes of supply chain management, inventory management, production planning, and customer connectivity. Harry Landsburg, DVIRC’s point person for ERP software optimization, is certified in Lean manufacturing. Over the last 20 years at the DVIRC, Harry has worked with hundreds of area manufacturers to assess and select ERP solutions that meet each company’s value propositions. DVIRC is independent of any one ERP solution. We become your advocate for making sure that ERP software will add value to your company and provide ROI for lean and other company-wide initiatives.

Please contact DVIRC at 215-464-8550 to add clarity to ERP vendor claims in response to your specific needs.

To read more, download the ERP Goes Lean article from Target Magazine.

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