Energy efficiency goal set by University of Oregon

September 13, 2011

The University of Oregon has set a goal of building out its campus without increasing the amount of energy that is used by the institution, according to The Associated Press.

New structures on campus would have to meet a higher standard for the amount of electricity that they use. These energy efficient buildings will have to adhere to strict rules for consumption rates and adjusted levels, reported the news outlet.

Along with designing and implementing new buildings around the campus, the university has pledged money to retrofit the older structures around the institution to help bring the total carbon footprint down, according to the AP.

The older buildings around the Eugene campus have been an area of concern for university officials due to the large amount of electricity that is necessary to power these structures. A move has been made to increase efficiency so that the long-term energy costs are much lower, reported the Eugene Register-Guard.

Projects around the country are being implemented in an effort to develop more energy efficient buildings, and specific federally funded programs like the GPIC in Pennsylvania are coming up with innovative ideas to improve the sector.