Embrace green manufacturing and building this year in Philadelphia

November 30, 2011

Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley and the state of Delaware have a long history of manufacturing that goes back nearly as far as this country itself. However, recent years have seen a decline in production facilities, as well as an increase in demand for ecologically efficient processes and techniques. These two seemingly opposing forces are coming to a head, which has lead many local organizations to call for increased study and innovation.

The Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC) will convene a number of small and medium-sized businesses for the U.S. Green Building's 12th annual conference in Philadelphia. The event will take place all over the city and will visit burgeoning ecological projects such as Mercy Hospital, the Comcast Center and City Hall.

Attendees can learn a great deal about how green building and manufacturing processes lead to leaner budgets, better press and additional collaborative partners. The conference will feature networking sessions, workshops and progress reports that will illuminate the great strides that the city has made in recent years. All cities should strive to be energy-efficient and non-polluting, but Philadelphia might just be one of the first major ones to make good on its attempts.