FARO Technologies, LLC Featured In EEB Hub Industry Partner Gallery

May 14, 2013

The Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB) Hub Industry Partner Gallery is currently featuring a Greater Philadelphia regional company, FARO Technologies, LLC, and the company’s latest EEB-related product, the FARO Focus3D.

The Hub Industry Partner Gallery will now include a regional supplier to the commercial building Advanced Energy Retrofit (AER) market as part of a program to include local and regional companies.  Currently housed on the third floor of the Hub’s temporary headquarters in Building 101 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the program will feature a series of regional supplier displays rotating at 2-3 month intervals.

The display program will accompany the EEB Hub when it moves to its new home, Building 661, in 2014; the building will include a permanent display space to showcase building retrofit technologies.

Rob Crossett, DVIRC’s Business Development Manager, coordinates the Regional Supplier Program for the Gallery.  Regional suppliers, compiled by DVIRC and chosen by EEB Hub management based on their fit within the AER industry, will display their products/services alongside the Hub Industry partners’ displays, which are open for viewing to all visitors and participants in EEB Hub activities.

The program revolves around AER suppliers to commercial buildings, such as product manufacturers and distributors, service contractors, and other energy services representatives.  It allows those supplying energy-related products and services to the commercial building industry to showcase their companies and capabilities with the current displays of Hub Industry Partners in the Gallery.  These EEB Hub Industry partners include Lutron Electronics, Inc., United Technologies Research Center, PPG Industries, and Bayer MaterialScience LLC, which manages the Gallery display area.

FARO, through its facility in Kennett Square, as well as locations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, specializes in the design and manufacture of portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and 3D imaging devices.  These products find use in a wide range of applications—new construction and building retrofits among them.

With capabilities that belie its size (the 11 lb. Focus3D is the smallest 3D laser scanner ever built) the instrument delivers fully-surfaced CAD models and highly detailed 3D color images of large-scale geometries. Architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors, and others can now measure as-built dimensions in minutes, with the resulting data quickly and easily integrated into/compared to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD designs.  This data facilitates quality control processes and eliminates expensive, time-consuming rework.

“Displaying the Focus3D is a great opportunity to integrate FARO and the EEB Hub,” says Brad Lloyd, FARO’s Director of Customer Experience and Site Leader at Kennett Square. “Our products—especially the Focus3D—are an important part of exterior and interior building systems modeling. In many commercial building retrofits, where blueprints are out of date or do not exist, this technology quickly and easily provides the visual and measurement detail necessary to streamline the retrofit process.”

Lloyd, himself a member of the EEB Hub Suppliers Platform, was part of the FARO team demonstrating the capabilities of the Focus3D at a Hub meeting of Architects, Engineers, and Construction Managers.

“The relationship with the EEB Hub has given FARO the visibility in the local retrofit marketplace and is highlighting technologies to aid in AER.  The Hub involvement has helped us learn both the needs in the retrofit marketplace and the ways we can meet those needs.”

“This is a featured Hub market engagement for us,” says Barry Miller, DVIRC’s President & COO. “We’re excited to have FARO and the Focus3D as the first display in the Regional Supplier Program in the Industry Partner Gallery, because they are a prime example of the local manufacturers we serve, and this product is both innovative and a great fit for the AER program.”

DVIRC, along with other EEB Hub members, is currently in the process of determining the schedule of companies to be featured as Regional Suppliers as part of the Industry Partner Gallery display through the rest of 2013 and onward.