DVIRC Holds Manufacturing Leadership Series Event

July 11, 2013

On Wednesday, June 19th, DVIRC together with Chester County Economic Development Council welcomed more than 30 regional manufacturing leaders to Schramm, Inc.’s corporate headquarters and training facility in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the gathering was to share best practices related to business growth and showcase the ways that DVIRC’s research services have enabled both Schramm and HPT Pharma to put the insights of their current, former, and prospective customers to work in strategic planning. The morning also provided potential supply chain partners with an opportunity to meet some of Schramm’s executives and tour their plant.

Promoted as one of DVIRC’s Manufacturing Leadership Series events, the event drew a crowd of business owners and executives interested in learning how they could integrate nationally regarded market research techniques into their own strategies for growth. The morning’s content began with DVIRC’s market and economic research expert, Sylvia Wower, walking the attendees through each presenter’s business case and highlighting some of the nuances that called for variations in project methodologies.

“I wanted to share DVIRC’s ability to build custom solutions around some standard tools,” said Wower.  “We use a standard methodology, but each project is customized to the customer’s unique needs which supports leaders to make informed business decisions.”

“We begin with a project kickoff meeting to discuss and define survey objectives, target group segmentation, and establish an outreach hierarchy,” she continued.  “At that point we also lock in expected timelines and various other project-related activities.”

Once DVIRC finalizes a survey target list and develops a script and questionnaire, clients provide feedback, and the two organizations collaborate to make any changes that may be needed. Calls begin in earnest following this step. The DVIRC team is typically able to connect with—and complete surveys from—one in three of the targets on the final list, a success ratio that is considerably higher than many research firms.

One key to this success is our use of a conversational approach.  This tactic has been honed over years of practice and dozens of projects, and it enables DVIRC to extract insights that may exist just below the waterline.

“As the research progresses, we keep clients informed and deliver real-time insights as they emerge, including business development opportunities” Wower says.  “Once we meet our objectives, we record and present our analysis to the client’s leadership team.”

Wower went on to review some ways these customer insights offer value for businesses looking to:

  • Support new product development;
  • Benchmark rivals/attain competitive intelligence;
  • Gauge brand awareness/loyalty;
  • Define future consumption patterns of current/potential customers; and
  • Uncover immediate sales opportunities.

“JM Hasson of HPT Pharma and Fred Slack of Schramm represent two very different businesses, but they were excellent presenters,” said DVIRC’s Director of Marketing Services, Chris Scafario. “Each spoke candidly about the value of gaining impartial market feedback from their clients, and they painted very clear pictures of the individual outcomes that arose as a direct result of DVIRC’s primary research process.

“As the morning went on, each shared their own insights related to their current and former customers’ commentary.” Scafario continued. “This is love-it-or-hate-it testimony, and both JM and Fred discussed the benefits of hearing that kind of honesty.  I think the audience was really able to relate and—in some cases—commiserate.”

Since 2008 DVIRC has helped dozens of business gain clear market insights to support their business growth. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to learn how to put DVIRC’s Lead Generation System to work for you, call us at 215-552-3800 or click here.