DOE partners with NREL to incorporate sustainable materials into building design

November 28, 2012

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is partnering with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to develop the latest in energy-efficient glass. Glass and Web claims that the organizations are promoting the installation of SageGlass into commercial buildings. The glass is expected to increase the energy efficiency of structures by reducing energy loss from heating and cooling systems.

In addition to its high energy efficiency, the glass also has daylight control options that make it easy for someone to alter how much light is allowed into a room according to preference. According to the source, the glass can darken and clear on demand with the help of sensors.

"The essence of energy efficiency isn’t simply about being ‘green’ – it is about cost savings and smart resource use," said Erin Whitney, staff scientist at NREL, according to the source. "Intelligent solar-managed windows are a simple yet effective way to reduce energy consumption while retaining our Rocky Mountain views and the architectural integrity of the buildings."

By installing energy efficient glass in commercial buildings, a property management company or the owners can reduce utility expenses and increase the comfort of those who reside in those structures. Every technology that improves the sustainability of a building works toward the improved efficiency of an individual structure, a business and a metro area.

"The occupants who reside next to the electrochromic windows in the NREL Zero Energy Research Support Facility (RSF) building report that they enjoy the ability to control glare while maintaining access to the view and daylight," he said.

The Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) was established by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as an Energy-Regional Innovation Cluster. The organization hopes to promote the integration of green energy technology into commercial building design. Located in Philadelphia, this agency tries to inspire people to incorporate green energy solutions into building designs.

The integration of new technology into structures that improve energy efficiency help inspire people to renew their efforts to promoting greater sustainability. Whether it is glass, energy-efficient lighting like light emitting diodes or improved insulation, commercial locations can be improved with the integration of sustainable solutions.