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About Software Selection

Businesses achieve their strategic objectives and operational goals best when they utilize just the right amount of technology. Knowing how to benefit from the right software and infrastructure is the key to maximizing the value of the business and achieving long-term growth. With so many technology alternatives available in the marketplace, the focus must be on how you want to succeed.

DVIRC’s approach to helping companies achieve their objectives with the support of technology begins with getting the company’s leaders to agree on how the business will ultimately prosper. By understanding business strategies and processes for today and the future, the right software and infrastructure can be identified and implemented. With the staff learning how to best use the upgraded software and technology, companies move forward more effectively to achieve their goals for growth, profitability, and increased value.

Results of Software Selection:

  • Achieving all levels of business objectives
  • Better execution of well designed business processes
  • More productive employees contributing greater value
  • Knowing that the right technology value is driving success

DVIRC can assist your staff in determining the right technology to achieve the best possible software and infrastructure value.

We can make sure that the right software and systems technology adds the most value to your business. We will help you control the cost of technology and realize the best possible return on your investment. We are independent of any one solution.

DVIRC can assist with:

  • Documenting business strategy and process as it relates to technology
  • Approaching the right segment of the software marketplace to support your needs within your budget and capability
  • Verifying which solution alternatives should be evaluated
  • Ensuring that the selection process yields the best possible functionality and cost
  • Maximizing the outcomes of implementation activities
  • Ensuring that the ultimate value of the acquired technology is achieved

Benefits of our services:

  • Solution independent support for choosing the right technology
  • Experienced, effective support of a technology improvement project
  • The recognition of our clients of the full value received from their new technology

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Software Selection for Manufacturers

Learn how DVIRC can assist you in the process of selecting the right software for you business.

After finding that their current ERP vendor could not support Edmund Optics expanded requirements, Jeff Harvey knew they would need to go outside for an ERP system. More importantly, he recognized that he would need an outside consultant to analyze Edmund Optics needs, and guide them in the selection of an ERP system and vendor.

Software Selection – Edmund Optics Case Study