Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales is all about how best to navigate today’s environment profitably.

  • Are you satisfied with your top line growth and profitability?
  • Are you interested in gaining deeper market penetration in the current markets you serve?
  • Do you know which new markets offer the greatest growth potential for your products and services?
  • Are your current products and services losing margin due to a declining market or intense competition?

How Can We Help?

DVIRC understands the small and middle-market manufacturers (SMEs), and the markets they serve. We’ve served this market for over 25 years.

Our Approach

DVIRC takes a common-sense approach to marketingand sales support to help you achieve your growth objectives.

DVIRC’s marketing services team functions as the outsourced marketing arm for many of the region’s most innovative manufacturers. We help companies build a competitive edge to enter new markets, develop new products or acquire new customers, resulting in top-line growth and profitability. Our approach is custom designed to meet individual client needs and measured for maximum return on investment.

Whether you need to generate new leads to support sales or a strategic marketing and sales plan, our team will help you arrive at your destination.


Last year alone, we worked with over 240 manufacturers, assisting them to grow $47.3 million in new sales.

Market Research

Successful market development relies on current, industry-based knowledge. In order to navigate the sometimes tumultuous marketplaces they serve, manufacturers in Southeastern Pennsylvania turn to DVIRC for targeted Market Research services; Voice of Customer and Market Analysis.

Lead Generation

Experience DVIRC’s fastest growing service area. Outsource your sales prospecting and lead generation to the pros at DVIRC. Read More

Marketing Plans

Get beyond ineffective tactical madness and partner with DVIRC’s team of industrial marketing experts to develop a step-by-step strategy for measurable top line growth. Read More

Web Design & SEO

Dominate the Web with DVIRC’s Web Consulting, Search Engine and Social Media Management Services. Read More

Branding & Design

Did you know that DVIRC has brand experts on staff to position your business to appeal to the best and brightest opportunities in your market? We can help with every element from the tactics to the overall brand transformation. Read More