No-Cost Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis

DVIRC helps to improve supply chain performance by quantifying the needs of the supply chain and focusing on the points in the process that are impeding throughput. Total Cost of Ownership is one element on which DVIRC provides guidance, along with executive and partner engagement and risk management.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – TCO is a method for quantifying the costs for every activity along the supply stream, including acquisition, transportation, storage, and selling of goods.

No-Cost TCO Analysis Benchmark

DVIRC is offering a limited number of no-cost TCO analysis benchmarks through the Discovered in PA – Developed in PA (D2PA) Reshoring Manufacturing Supply Chains = Restoring Manufacturing Jobs Grant.

The decision of where to locate and source manufacturing is often determined by costing methods that do not accurately capture the true costs of offshore production or sourcing. For example, many product costs such as travel for auditing, inventory carrying costs, obsolete inventory, and those associated with the loss of intellectual property are often overlooked in sourcing decisions which can lead to underestimating product costs by as much as 20%. Companies can make better sourcing decisions by analyzing all product costs with a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis.

A TCO analysis helps companies identify, calculate, and compare all of the product costs, risks and strategic impacts of their sourcing decisions. Increasingly, companies that make their sourcing decisions using the Total Cost of Ownership analysis find that —”coming home to Pennsylvania” —is the best choice.

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