Why Choose DVIRC Six Sigma Training?

Why choose DVIRC Six Sigma Training?

  • The integration of Lean and Six Sigma tools into our methodology.
  • Our Master Black Belts have many years of manufacturing experience, both implementing and training/coaching projects
  • The DVIRC “Learn-and-Do” philosophy of delivering training when it is needed in the course of a project by having typically 2 days of training every 3 weeks.
  • DVIRC requires every Belt to have a project to work on to reinforce the material learned and provide practice with the tools. This project also immediately provides an ROI to the company and helps ensure that training is used for improvement.
  • DVIRC encourages Belts to work in pairs on projects to provide a mutual support system ensuring that more projects get completed.
  • Typical Green Belt projects often net more than $50,000 of benefit, each. Black Belt projects typically return over $100,000 of benefit! In some cases, millions of dollars of improvement have been generated due to finding “lost” capacity. In other cases the benefit is in scrap reduction or reduction of customer lead times.
  • Black Belt training can be completed after Green Belt training.
  • QI Macros statistical software. This is an easy-to-use Excel add-in that does all the number-crunching needed in the course of a typical Six Sigma project. It also contains various templates of use in a Six Sigma project.

How does the training work?

Green Belts learn project tools that support the DMAIC philosophy with an emphasis on methods including basic tools for all projects and graphical methods of analyzing data. The emphasis is on normal distributions and passive experimentation. They can lead some teams and be effective team members on all teams. At the end of 10 days of training and successful project completion they are certified Green Belts.

Black Belts additionally learn how to handle non-normal data analysis and Design-of-Experiments for advanced process control. They can lead larger teams and be a technical resource for Green Belts in the organization. They gain this training through completing Green Belt training and then proceeding to Green to Black training. At the end of 21 days of training and successful project completion they are certified Black Belts.

All DVIRC Six Sigma training includes statistical software and students must complete a project throughout training to learn the tools and provide immediate ROI to the company.

What are the Certification Levels?

Green Belt Summary

Black Belt Summary



Projects focused on student’s area of responsibility

Projects focused across functions or departments

Statistics related to understanding variation.

Statistics related to analyzing variation.

Primarily use charts to detect differences

Advanced hypothesis testing and DOE tools are added

How much does training cost?

Green Belt Training
{Entry point for training}10 days of training


Black Belt Training
11 days of training


One year of Minitab statistical software included in all training fees.

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