Value Stream Mapping

Identifying Value Stream Maps helps an organization determine which areas are ripe for improvement.

Although many organizations realize that there are areas in a production process that can be eliminated, they often struggle to identify them. This is where DVIRC can help.

The flow of products that come into the back door of a company in the form of raw materials – through all of the manufacturing process steps and then off the loading dock as a finished product – is what is known as the Value Stream Map. Understanding and implementing improvements via value stream maps can lead to dramatic improvements in productivity at any organization – sometimes as much as a 90 percent increase. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a tool that is used to create an information and material flow map of a process or product operation. This allows an organization to “see” the flow of raw materials from initial stages to the finished product. Based on the VSM, a company can streamline the work process, eliminating the hard-to-find waste that previously affected operations.

Value Stream Mapping is one of the key principles of Lean Manufacturing, which remains the most important methodology that is available for manufacturers in today’s market.

After a company can determine exactly what is value stream, it will be able to use the tool to help create a continuous flow and improve productivity across the entire operation.

The DVIRC Continuous Improvement Team is certified by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). They have extensive and diverse professional manufacturing and Lean experience, and when working in conjunction with DVIRC, a production team from an organization can create a Value Stream Map. The DVIRC analyzes the production process and makes recommendations based on the entire operation. They look at the front end of the business, the functional process, deployment of personnel, inventory management, equipment, constraints and the timing associated with all of the functional steps. The entire process is broken down, and it begins with the customer order and ends with the final packaging and shipment steps. The DVIRC will use value stream mapping and supporting information to help an organization develop plans to improve its overall competitive and financial posture.

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