Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement by definition is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.

In today’s economy, US manufacturers must maintain their competitive position in the global marketplace. Continuous Improvement is a critical strategy to grow profitably and increase customer value.

Our Continuous Improvement (CI) service is more than a set of tools to improve a process or system. We focus on developing your most valuable assets – your people and your culture.

Lean Manufacturing

We combine continuous improvement tools with individual and team-based organizational learning and development to ensure you gain and sustain the greatest value potential Lean can deliver to the top and bottom line.

Our CI model includes the following phases that are developed to identify, deliver and measure performance.

  • Assess – cultural readiness survey, lean assessment, Key Performance Metrics and Return on Investment analysis – and a benchmark comparison report for your organization
  • Design – based on the results, we provide a deployment plan
  • Deploy – we seek quick wins, applied training, facilitate events, and implement for sustainability
  • Evaluate – we measure progress, what did we learn?, refine and change as needed

DVIRC will design a continuous improvement program that is customized to fit your business needs, whether you are a small enterprise or a multi-location global enterprise we have a solution that’s right for you.

Benefits of DVIRC’s holistic approach to Lean Transformation:

  • Engaged Leadership
  • Improved Organizational Culture
  • Empowered Individuals Contributing Meaningful and Measurable Value
  • High Performance “Winning Teams”
  • Enhanced Employee, Stakeholder, and Customer Satisfaction
  • Proven Return-on-Investment
  • Increased Operating Income Achieved Through Efficiency Gains
  • Increased Revenue Growth Achieved Through Enhanced Customer Value
  • Improved Cash Flow Achieved Through Elimination of Waste

Six Sigma

The DVIRC Six Sigma program features on-site coaching and project support by a Master Black Belts that will work on-site at a company’s location to support and mentor clients from their initial project identification and selection straight through to successful completion. We take comprehensive steps to ensure every Six Sigma student is trained to a level where they can function independently and require minimum Master Black Belt Support, creating an immediate, and annuity cost savings.

Graduating Six Sigma Students have realized $3.4 million in value added impact gained from greater performance, productivity throughput and quality improvements. No other Green Belt program can compare! DVIRC’s infusion of Lean basics with a hands-on, learn-and-do curriculum is designed around client business issues and is fully supported with software that will support projects with the statistical tools needed to improve quality.

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Continuous Improvement: Turkey Hill

John Cox, Executive VP, Turkey Hill.
Turkey Hill was profitable and growing. Learn how, in this positive climate, Lean helped the company retain and improve its competitive strength by focusing on employee-centered problem-solving and job ownership.

In the Turkey Hill culture, we have always believed our people make the difference. But, our old management structure didn’t allow our workers to be fully engaged. When we originally started with Lean, we were focusing more on tactics. It was when we turned our focus to the human element that we made real progress.

John Cox
Executive VP
Turkey Hill

Thomas Medical Products, Inc., a division of General Electric Healthcare, designs, develops and manufactures precision Class II and Class III single-use devices for OEM customers. The Thomas Medical Lean transformation has achieved significant results.

Thomas Medical, Inc. Continuous Improvement Case Study