Value Component Assessment Tool – VCAT

Take Your Business Value Seriously

Knowing the value of your business is essential even if you’re not currently seeking to transfer ownership or sell.

Business Value is determined by key value drivers that enable you to proactively manage your business and maximize its value.

DVIRC is focused exclusively on assisting small – mid-sized manufacturers compete and grow profitably.

We believe all business leaders should be constantly vigilant on improving the value of their business.

Therefore, we are committed to assisting leaders improve weaknesses and capitalize on opportunities that will increase value.

As a result, DVIRC partnered with RLS Associates to provide the buyer’s perspective via a tool called Value Components Assessment (VCAT).

The tool provides a score based on 28 value components and recommendations to improve your score.

You Will Learn

  • What the components of business value are
  • How these are weighted by a prospective buyer, and
  • How to prioritize those areas of your business that yield the greatest return

VCAT Provides the Owner With

  • A reality check
  • A realistic view of where the business stands based on today’s reality
  • A tool used to align stakeholder interests
  • A management tool for goal setting and decision making
  • A vehicle for moving forward, measuring progress and assessing success

To obtain a VCAT, or learn more about assessing the value of your business contact us at and 215-552-3800.

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