Succession Planning: 25 Things That Could Go Wrong

If you are a business owner/executive, you have worked hard – very hard- over the years to see your business sustain itself. Now it may be time to think about a transition that will reduce your time in the business, perhaps even to zero as you turn over the reins to somebody else or sell the business. This is an exceedingly difficult transition, with the odds of success against you unless you plan and prepare well. The sustainability of the business, and its associated value, are connected to the management team that will succeed you.

There are many missteps that can be made, please download Succession Planning: 25 Things That Can Go Wrong, or for more information about DVIRC’s Transition Planning please complete the contact form for a confidential discussion.

“Succession planning sometimes goes beyond a complete transfer of ownership or leadership responsibilities.

“By helping support staff learn to grow the business with less dependence on the owner, DVIRC’s transition planning model can help business owners stay engaged in a less time-intensive way while still maintaining the overall health and growth potential of their business. By involving DVIRC in the succession planning process, you avoid sacrificing business value to important personal commitments.”

Harold Floyd
Business Solutions Adviser


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