Public Sector OEM & SME Business Opportunities

PADeptEcoDevDVIRC receives requests from Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) for manufacturing partnerships, acquisitions or suppliers for OEMs seeking to enter the state. Get connected!

A recent example is Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC, which has been dedicated to providing quality heat technology solutions since 1896, serving the advanced thermal processing needs of tens of thousands of customers. In September 2010, The DCED approached the DVIRC with a joint venture investment opportunity to assist with the United States market expansion for Maxsys Fuel Systems a manufacturer of energy saving equipment. DVIRC approached Selas with the opportunity.  On October 28, 2011 Selas had completed the acquisition of the assets of Maxsys.

Success Story

“We consider Maxsys as a significant acquisition for Selas in our commitment to offer our global customers a World of Combustion Solutions. Maxsys has a unique green technology that truly makes an impact in a world where we are faced with managing high energy costs and reducing emissions and carbon footprints.   This unique technology driven opportunity came to us from DVIRC as they were instrumental in recognizing the combustion industry nature of the Maxsys product line and Selas’ deep experience in this area of expertise and proposed a synergistic match that resulted in a key industrial partner for Maxsys and a product line expansion for Selas,” said David Bovenizer, CEO of Selas Heat Technology and Founder of Lionheart Ventures.