Private Sector OEM & SME Supplier Opportunities

MfgPlantHiRes-300x203DVIRC works with small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMEs) every day looking for suppliers to meet a business or technology need. Large OEMs also seek DVIRC’s assistance to find a new supplier resource or new technology.

Recently, a large global European manufacturer with a regional division contacted the DVIRC to locate a company that could manufacture components for their high efficiency boiler product. DVIRC identified eight potential suppliers. Four qualified after extensive visits and interview. Two or three finalists will be selected in Spring of 2012 and present their proposals to the division and parent company. The manufacturer will be chosen and begin production in the Fall of 2012. The opportunity will represent upwards of $10 million annually (20,000 units!), including export sales and the expectation of creating 25 new jobs.