Brand identity announced for Philadelphia energy efficiency project

January 18, 2012

The Department of Energy has designated several innovation HUBs across the country to promote energy efficiency and to develop jobs in the growing green energy sector. One of these HUBs, the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster for Energy Efficient Buildings, has selected a branding agency to help with the formation of a true identity for the project, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The news source reported that LevLane has been selected as the branding agency for the GPIC, as the company, which has offices in Philadelphia and West Palm, Florida, will be working with the innovation HUB to establish a brand identity.

The Journal reported that the company noted that the GPIC has tremendous potential to establish itself as a leader in the sector and the region, and the right brand identity can help to solidify the effort for years to come in the industry.

"LevLane has a long history of tackling the region's biggest problems. And the vision we share – that the solutions to these problems require environmental and economic initiatives that go hand in hand – makes them a natural partner for us. Their ability to present such initiatives within a socially compelling narrative will be a tremendous asset as we begin to make GPIC's work known to our base," GPIC Manager of Public and Client Relations Christine Knapp said in a statement.

LevLane announced that the work of GPIC would speak for itself, but a brand identity, including a logo, and messaging for the effort, would have to be created to move forward. The company noted that it expects to begin targeting building industry participants, including property owners, architects, engineers and construction companies on behalf of GPIC this year, according to the Journal.

CityBiz List Philadelphia reported that LevLane President David Lane spoke to the importance of the work done by GPIC, as it would affect conservation of energy and job creation in the region.

"It is also an important opportunity for LevLane: our first chance to apply our branding and marketing skills within the energy use arena. This is messaging that will have the backing of the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE)," Lane said in a statement.

The GPIC is headquartered at the historic Philadelphia Navy Yard and is reliant on the sufficient building stock available in the Greater Philadelphia region for the deployment and testing of its energy efficient building technology.