Industry 4.0 Case Studies: Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud Technology

February 13, 2019

Industry 4.0 Case Studies: Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud Technology

In today’s economic climate, it is essential to stay attuned to innovations that will help manufacturers remain competitive. Industry 4.0, also referred to as Advanced Manufacturing Technology, is revolutionizing the way manufacturers develop, produce, and supply products and services, and shifts are happening in manufacturing that require our attention. Here are examples of how several elements of Industry 4.0 – cybersecurity, big data, and cloud technology – can help drive manufacturing forward:


Cybersecurity for Manufacturers: 8 Ways to Prevent Attacks

In mid-March of 2018, WannaCry reared its ugly head again, putting the aerospace industry on high alert. Concerns over whether vital airplane-production equipment could be taken down ran rampant, while small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) serving Boeing wondered whether their facilities were at risk as well.

Big Data

The Experience of Big Data in Manufacturing: 12 Real-Life Use Cases

This article includes 12 use cases showing the brilliance of big data in manufacturing from four different perspectives – production optimization, quality assurance, enterprise management, and after sales – which show that big data can bring big money and big value. They also show that big data in manufacturing is most widely used for production optimization. And it’s quite logical: big data solutions are really good at finding correlations. And production changes based on sensibly selected correlations can improve yield enormously.

Cloud Technology

Electronics Manufacturer Achieves Reshoring and 300 Percent Growth, Doubles Inventory Turns

Firstronic LLC, a leading EMS company focused on complex medical, industrial, and automotive electronic assemblies, needed a cloud manufacturing ERP system to provide scale for business growth. They implemented a cloud-based ERP to handle Bills of Materials (BOMs), Engineering Change Requests, and automate random quality screening and link to FMEAs. They elastically scaled the cloud ERP platform to multiple new customers and achieved 300% annual growth in new market as a result while doubling inventory turns.

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