Business Process Determines The Value Of Your ERP Software

April 26, 2016

by Harry Landsburg

Almost all companies believe that their ERP software could do more for them…and they’re right! Among the reasons that their current software solution is not optimized, or valued positively by employees, are the following:

  • The company has not justified spending additional money on software that they don’t like or doesn’t seem to work well.
  • The company is not sure what their software is capable of or whether they are even using all the functionality they own effectively.
  • The company does not understand the risk of relying on spreadsheets and other databases to run the company.
  • The company does not appreciate the role of software in suppliers, customers, and staff working more effectively together.
  • There is no single champion for upgrading the current software to achieve better value from its use.

ERP software, and technology in general, should be among the tools supporting how companies will work in the future. Supply chain and customer needs, as well as staff productivity, form the basis of actions that need software and technology support. Software is of little value if its capability does not match a company’s business processes.

Technology trends also impact the company’s software plans. The need to support staff working remotely, the safety and convenience of software hosted in a cloud environment, and the ease of modifying software are all factors in positioning the company’s technology to add significant value to the business.

Determining how software can best help a company is based on how well the software fits what the company does. If daily work activities are not made better by using software, the benefit of having or enhancing the current solution is hard to justify. Matching what a company does to what software can do for the company is key to realizing the value software can provide.

Identifying the gaps in software performance is best done by matching software and process. By documenting the business process and knowing all that a company’s software can do, matching software support to business process is easily accomplished. Once the gaps are identified, the cost and value of closing the gaps can be documented. Upgrading software can be easily justified as it becomes easy to see where the value can be recognized.

DVIRC is expert in business process and leading ERP software functionality, in-house or in-the- cloud. We know how manufacturers will succeed in the future using best practice and technology. DVIRC can document gaps in software support of business process and help a company identify and justify the right actions to take.

Contact Harry Landsburg, Director of Business Process Technology Consulting, at to discuss how to best match software and technology to your company’s plans.

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