Advanced technologies in manufacturing necessitate additional workforce training

October 12, 2011

Technology is always growing by leaps and bounds – this fact applies just as much to the latest and most innovative tools of the manufacturing industry as it does to consumer electronics. In the former field, advances in technology can be highly beneficial, allowing for process improvements in areas such as productivity, cost-efficiency and product quality.

On the other hand, the incorporation of these sophisticated tools, systems and processes also creates something of a quandary for businesses in the manufacturing sector. Advanced technology is useless without the presence of workers who are highly skilled or at the very least proficient in its proper and effective use.

A number of prominent manufacturing companies either have hired or are looking to hire software engineering professionals in significant numbers, in addition to highly skilled machinists who can occupy the middle ground between the theoretical and practical applications of advanced systems. Other businesses in the sector are taking a different approach, instituting training programs that provide companies' existing workforce with the necessary knowledge to use these technologies.

The choice between hiring professionals with these skills and establishing training programs will be an entirely subjective matter, contingent on what will be the most cost-efficient solution for individual companies.