Addiction to gadgets, technology causing rise in energy bills and emissions

October 13, 2011

According to a report from the Energy Saving Trust, the increased usage of gadgets and appliances will lead countries to fall short of their emission reduction goals, as energy bills and emissions are still rising, the Guardian reported.

Commercial buildings in the U.S., which have to power and operate these technologies, already account for 40 percent of the total energy consumption within the country. A rise in the usage of these devices shows the importance of reducing the total electricity that structures consume.

The Department of Energy is currently working to design and develop energy efficient building and technology through the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster for Energy-Efficient Buildings project (GPIC) in Philadelphia.

This project could help to reverse the trend, as new technological devices are using more energy that their predecessors.

"As energy prices continue to rise they are eating up more of our money," Dr. Paula Owen, said in the report.

Appliances that are used in both residential and commercial buildings have become more efficient, but the sheer number and size of these devices have led to a sharp rise in the total energy consumption, according to the Guardian.