Aerzen U.S.A Shares Continuous Improvement Journey

June 7, 2013

On June 5th manufacturers gathered at Aerzen U.S.A. to hear from Pierre Noack, Aerzen President and his team about the advances they are gaining and sustaining through Continuous Improvement efforts.

Aerzen is currently in Phase III of their improvement efforts and to date have realized a potential of $3 million in savings.

Pierre stressed the importance of management support and leadership throughout the process and the need to celebrate both small and big successes with employees. Ralf Weiser, Aerzen’s Manager of Project Management and Inside Sales talked about the need to make sure every employee goes through training (including sales) and that communication is key during all aspects of the Continuous Improvement Journey.

Thank you to the staff at Aerzen for sharing your story so that other area manufacturers can learn and apply these value drivers to their own organization.